Welcome to our blog — Loyal Company of the River Valley

Well here we are. The Loyal Company of the River Valley is entering the blogging world. Listeners of the podcast are aware how tech savvy we are (or more correctly, aren’t) so it’s probably a surprise we’re taking our talents to the blogosphere. Not to mention we are pretty long winded on a podcast that’s nearly regular enough to be featured in a Metamucil commercial. However there’s been a few things coming up that made us want to start blogging.

First off, we had some big news we unveiled this past Friday. We announced that we are a part of the the brand new Alberta Podcast Network Powered by ATB. Maybe I overhyped it for that kind of announcement, but social media only allows us to get the broad points out there without getting into significant detail. I figured it’s only fair to our amazing listeners to explain what this means for our podcast moving forward. Here’s a breakdown of what it all means;

  • What is the Alberta Podcast Network Powered by ATB? It’s the brainchild of Karen Unland who runs the Seen and Heard Edmonton podcast and blog. She has been kind enough to feature us (and actually listen to us!) regularly in her blog and even had Nathan as a guest on her show. The goal of this network is to help these podcasts get connected with other podcasts and help share our experiences and knowledge, as well as providing these content providers some form of sponsorship to help mitigate their costs. Is it going to make us rich? Not even close. But we are going to be able to build on our foundation and try to make us better podcasters with more resources to give you listeners the best possible show we can provide.
  • Why did we decide to join this network? If you haven’t figured it out, we love this city and province. Edmonton is the best city in Alberta, and Alberta is the best province in Canada. Sure, we’re biased but we actually do feel that way. We love to support local businesses, events and movements. Being asked to join this network was a no brainer. It’s a network with the goal to help grow local podcasts and get to the point where we’re building a larger podcast movement across this province. Having a company like ATB sponsoring it is great too. It’s an Alberta based company that is a terrific banking alternative. We’ve had the chance to meet some ATB reps and they blew us away on their commitment to help our network grow and help Alberta as a whole.
  • What does this mean for the listeners? Hopefully not too much changes aside from our quality getting better. You’re going to hear a couple ads each podcast but we’re going to work them in so it doesn’t dominate the show. But please be assured that nothing about our podcast will change as far as content and our willingness to share our opinions on FC Edmonton and soccer as a whole. We take pride in sharing our honest opinions and views. We also love the independence and freedom we have enjoyed. In no way will we jeopardize that and produce a compromised show as far as that goes.

Secondly, we want to blog to help bring even more fan content to you listeners. FC Edmonton is an amazing club but there’s always been a lack of fan driven content. Rather than complain, we’ve chosen to try throwing our voices out there. Doing a podcast has been a great way to get that out there but we sometimes get long winded. We’re wanting to keep our podcasts at or under an hour but also share as much news and opinions as possible. And not everything is necessarily podcast friendly either. This helps get more Eddies content out there as well as keeping the communication going amongst fans.

I think that’s enough for this blog. A huge thanks for listening (and reading now). We appreciate any feedback, especially what you think about this new move and how our podcasts sound from here on out.

And as always, #FearNoFoe!


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